Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 2016

Spring 2016
Luca is wrapping up his year in first grade at Lafayette. Another outstanding year with a nice teacher, fantastic friends and support in the classroom. Miss Gina is the IA that works with him and she is beyond wonderful! A perfect match for Luca's personality and pushes him to do his best at school and helps when needed and not when not needed! We are so grateful for Lafayette and the way he is accepted and celebrated at school!

Juliette is finishing up preschool at the PlayGarden and Lafayette as a peer model in the developmental preschool class. She has loved both learning settings! She doesn't start kindergarten this fall but the next. She continues to be in the 99 percentile for height. She loves art, stuffed animals, cooking, gardening, and getting dressed up! She and Luca have become very good friends, and playmates. They still argue once in a while, but that is normal. Their bond is really special to watch grow!

We just got home from a fantastic trip as a family. We went to the beach near San Diego for a few days and had such a great time together! It was such a joy to see the kids playing together and being so independent! I cannot believe how relaxing it was! I am so grateful that we got to bond as a family in that way! We had such a great time in the water at the pool and the beach.

Luca has been playing spring soccer! He is playing with a new coach and new team, but all the kids on his team are in first grade at Lafayette so they know each other. Several of the teammate are in his home room class. I wasn't sure how it would go having a new coach and team. I was nervous that this new league would be too competitive and the Luca would not be able to keep up with his peers.
Luca's coach after just a week went to a conference for work for a few days when he returned he had a signed baseball for Luca from Jim Abbott. Abbott pitched a no-hitter in 1993. He played for 10 seasons and for 4 teams. He is an amazing athlete with two arms but one hand. Many people told Abbott when he was younger that he could never be a professional baseball player but he went on to prove them all wrong.
 Luca's coach said he was so inspired by Abbott's story and made him think of Luca right away. He remarked that he thinks Luca is a great athlete. He said he has been so impressed with Luca's ability, attitude and passion for soccer and that Luca has a place on his team every season he wants to play on his team. I was blown away in that moment that Luca had already made a positive impression on this coach and was so welcomed after just one week of being on the team. Luca scored his first goal last Sunday. It was a proud moment for all of us!

 After much thought we decided to sign another year lease at the house in Admiral that we are renting instead of moving back to our Kenyon house in June. Since we are staying another year we want to make it feel more like "home" so we planted a garden and are painting a few walls. Planting the garden has been a fun project! I haven't started the painting yet:)

 Chris and Ellen stopped in Seattle on their way to Alaska and we got to see them at the airport for a hour and a 1/2. It was so fun to meet Ellen! And she and Chris can do awesome raccoon puppet voices! We played a game and it was a great time!

Uncle Chris and Luca
 Lots of early spring weather at Alki!
 We love love love having the Barrett's in Seattle! Juliette and Luca love playing with Peter and Kara's girls. Elias will be all in the mix soon too!
 There is a swing outside our neighbors yard that is called the "community swing" Juliette swings on it almost every day!
 Luca and one of his good friends from school, Riley

 Luca's 7th birthday!
 Juliette's art
 Dinner on Luca's 7th birthday!
 Juliette drew "necklaces"
 Luca and his buddies Rhett and Will

Luca and John working on the garden. This picture is taken from the upstairs dining room window
 John and I at the view spot near our new rental house
Juliette loving life at the PlayGarden with John
 San Diego Beach pictures
Family selfies at the beach

Luca after he scored the goal with Lewis White (a friend of the family)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday Juliette!!!


                               We love you Juliette! Can't believe how fast you are going up...time is just flying by! We are so glad that Cozy Nana could come for your birthday and for a visit. What a treat! Juliette brings joy, sharing, caring and helpfulness, and lets be real some whining to our household. We are so very thankful for you! She loves to wrestle and play with her brother Luca, and to swim. I don't know what we would do without all her "cuties" stuffed animals. Most of them are named, pinky something!
Juliette we love you so much!

Monday, January 18, 2016


Wow, this blog has taken a long break but I am back and looking forward to continuing it again.
We took the kids skiing today. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Juliette made great progress and learned to do the pizza slice when she wants to stop. Luca is loving this sport and is rocking it! I think it is awesome that he doesn't need any adaptive equipment to enjoy skiing! He has learned to turn, stop and loves to go pretty fast! John is an incredible ski instructor and very patient! Truthfully these pictures were from a few weeks ago. It was more cloudy up in the mountains today.
John and I use to love ski together when we were younger. I hoped that we would as a family someday....then wasn't sure how that was going to happen. It felt bit surreal this afternoon to be all riding up on the chair lift together and seeing that dream come to life.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

School Finally Began!

Because of the Seattle Public School strike Luca began 1st grade just last Thursday. He has a great teacher, support in the classroom and many friends from his class last year along with new friends are in his classroom this year. He also gets to see his buddies from last year's class on the playground that aren't in his classroom. Luca's teacher is kind, open to Luca doing things as he needs to, and serious about learning. I think he going to learn a lot this year. We did a talk about AMC (arthrogryposis) with Luca and his class again this last Monday. It went really well and I think it was a good space for the kids to ask questions.

Juliette started preschool at the PlayGarden again two days a week and then at Luca's old preschool with Teacher Jennifer through Seattle Public Schools three afternoons a week.

I am glad to get into the fall routine!

Happy 35th birthday trip to Alaska!

The second weekend in September I got to go Alaska to visit Chris who was up there for a rotation in a children's clinic! We had a ton of fun running, fishing, seeing a bear, eagles, whales and the northern lights! I had always wanted to go to Alaska and it felt like a big gift to celebrate my 35th birthday there! John and I will have to go back because it is an amazingly beautiful place. I also got to celebrate with a potluck at the Beverage Place and a delicious dinner at Peter and Kara's house!

 We saw a bear!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall has begun!

We had a very fun filled summer. Lots of adventures, sunshine, friends, family and shared meals.
August held a great week on Orcas Island camping and connecting with some old friends.
Then a wonderful trip to Chicago where the whole Walker clan got together! The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins and we had a great time reconnecting with everyone. We went swimming and played a sports game together almost every day. With 10 adults and 14 kids (plus two more on the way) we had a full team for all the sports and a fun time all around!

After getting to see all of the Adams and Walker cousins this summer we have had a lot of sad conversations that begin with...I miss my cousins in Chicago and North Caroline, France and Germany. Such a gift to have some many cousins who are so close in age with each other!

Here are some pictures from our time in Chicago: